Who we are

  • We are a community of Catholics living out our faith in the world in partnership with people of all faiths and none.
  • We are inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Catholic Social Teaching and the example of Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin and Catholic Worker Communities.
  • We believe the world needs to be transformed by prayer and action.
  • We practise the works of mercy.
  • We are anti-violence and therefore oppose war and the existence of nuclear weapons.
  • We believe every person without exception is a child of God and should therefore be treated with dignity and compassion.


  • To grow a Catholic Worker community in Glasgow through prayer and round table discussion.
  • To take direct action to bring attention to structural injustices in our society such as poverty and conflict.
  • To seek alternatives to neoliberal capitalism.
  • To work with other groups to bring about our aims.
  • To identify and reach out to the marginalised, oppressed, forgotten and those who seek sanctuary in this country.
  • To establish a house of hospitality where ALL are welcome.
  • Always to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When we meet we pray

and we use the following format:
  • Tea, hot water, coffee, etc
  • Everyone goes quiet, the reading is read (normally from the New Testament).
  • About 15 minutes private prayer / reflection
  • Sharing, we listen but don't debate
  • time for reflection
  • Discuss / learn